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Pelvic Floor Therapy for Menopause + Beyond

Pelvic Floor Therapy for Menopause + Beyond

(IN BETA)1:1 Pelvic Floor Therapy virtual care to help women manage the symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause from home—and strengthen their bodies as they mature.

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The benefits

Our 30-minute virtual Pelvic Floor Therapy sessions for the second half of life blend pilates, diaphragmatic breathing, and a personalized at-home consultation for an average 28% symptom reduction in just one intake and one movement session*.

Why menopause?

Menopause—including peri- to post-menopause, which can start as early as your 30s—can cause changes that affect pelvic floor health. Your pelvic floor muscles, fascia, and ligaments support the pelvic organs, regulating bladder and bowel movements. As we age, the pelvic floor can weaken, leading to dysfunction, pain, and incontinence.

Tailored recovery

Our pelvic health strategy at Ruth Health goes beyond physical therapy; we can assess and monitor pelvic floor function and provide skilled, personalized interventions for bladder/bowel dysfunctions, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual health issues, and pelvic pain.

Effective virtual care for easy access

We work with all patients via virtual care, so you can stay home and get support nationwide. Pelvic floor therapy via telehealth is an effective approach to preventing and managing perimenopausal to postmenopausal urinary incontinence and improving overall pelvic floor health in women who no longer menstruate.

Access the care you need with flexible pricing options

You can use your HSA/FSA dollars to pay for our sessions.

Welcome Offer $379 For 2 sessions
(Initial intake + 1 working session)
New Patients Only!
Perfect for anyone who wants to try, from those curious about learning more to those who have a specific issue or concern.
Ruth Health gift certificates are valid towards all 1:1 virtual services including Pre + Post Bodywork and Lactation Support.
Starter Bundle $749 For 4 sessions
(Initial intake + 3 working sessions)
New Patients Only!
The best approach if you want to commit to your care and healing in a consistent way and have a positive impact on your body or specific issue.
Personalized, 30-minute telehealth session blending physical therapy with fitness.
Explore (Mix & Match) $749 For 4 sessions
Excellent for those looking to dive deeper into body transformation and healing. Feel free to mix and match our physical therapy services to your needs.
Basics (Mix & Match) $1399 For 8 sessions
This package is for you if you are ready to go the extra mile to feel good and embrace your healing process. You can mix and match our physical therapy services to your needs.
The best value for preserving your pelvic floor health. Elevate your training by implementing positive, lasting changes. You can mix and match our physical therapy services to your needs.

What our patients have to say

What to expect

This is collaborative care. We make space for you to communicate with your provider about any discomfort or concern during sessions—so together, we can get you healing. As bone loss begins to accelerate, we focus on strengthening your whole core canister with a focus on the pelvis.

However, the movements should never be painful. Your provider may use techniques such as exercises, deep breathing, and instruction for using a dilator to help improve pelvic floor function. The goal of treatment? Let’s alleviate symptoms from pain to incontinence, and improve overall pelvic floor health. You may even break a sweat!




Meet the care experts at Ruth Health

Together, we are building an ecosystem of women’s healthcare that works with and within the existing healthcare system to partner with you. Our team ranges from doctors and doulas to lactation consultants, physical therapists and beyond.

Frequently asked questions

Not a lot! Your first session will primarily be talking with your provider about your chief complaints, health history and starting to get to the root of your discomfort. In the last 5 or so minutes you will perform some simple movement assessments for your provider to evaluate, so be sure to wear comfortable clothing, have room to sit or lay down on the floor, and have a yoga mat or something similar if you’d prefer something supportive underneath you.

Comfortable, form-fitting clothing, a yoga mat or something similar and space to move freely (though you will always stay on your mat for your sessions). In addition, some of the most commonly used props in your sessions will be yoga blocks (the firmer the better), a 10” core ball, small resistance bands (also known as “booty bands”) and massage therapy balls. If you have any other props or equipment that you commonly use, feel free to bring those to your sessions and let your provider know so that they can incorporate them into your treatment plan.

Now that you have completed your intake session, your first active treatment session will look like a combination of physical therapy, mobilization, strength training and myofascial release. You can expect low impact body work with varying levels of intensity that focuses on working deep stabilizer muscles, moving your whole body and supporting total recovery from the inside out.

1-2 times a week is ideal. This is the best way to maximize results and feel better faster. We also know that life is crazy, so if you don’t have the ability to be consistent, showing up whenever you can is better than not showing up at all!

Of course! We will work with whatever you have. So long as you have a comfortable place to move on a hard surface you will be fine. If you do not have blocks, you can use hardback books instead, or even firm pillows.

Chances are that the answer is yes. Because everything in the body is connected, you may be experiencing pain and discomfort elsewhere that is actually rooted in the pelvic floor. And overall pelvic floor health is incredibly beneficial to everyone for better long term health.

Also yes. Caring for your pelvic floor is one of the best ways to build a foundation for a stronger body with healthier movement patterns. This means less pain and better mobility over time, and can even contribute to optimizing your health in later stages of life.

Absolutely! Recovery has no expiration date and it is never too late to start feeling better.

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