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C Section Recovery

C Section Recovery

Treatment to recover supportively and regain strength gradually will help you return to doing the things you love with ease and can begin as early as 24 hours postpartum.

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The benefits

Our 1:1, 30-minute virtual C Section Recovery sessions combine a physiology and mental-health focus to make your recovery
smooth and accessible while you care for your newborn.

Tailored recovery

Stabilizing physical therapy supports stiff and restricted areas. It can help you with scar tissue, diastasis recti, and overall core stabilization.

Better outcomes

Nurturing practices like breathwork and meditation calm your inflamed tissues and nervous system.

Enjoyable experiences

Gentle movement reconnects you to your core and pelvic floor, providing much-needed support. The positive results go from hormone-balancing to full-body rehabilitation.

Access the care you need with flexible pricing options

We accept FSA/HSA dollars. See if your specialist visits fit within your plan’s guidelines.

Welcome Offer $379 For 2 sessions
(Initial intake + 1 working session)
New Patients Only!
Perfect for anyone who wants to try, from those curious about learning more to those who have a specific issue or concern.
Ruth Health gift certificates are valid towards all 1:1 virtual services including Pelvic Floor Training & Recovery, Lactation Support, and C Section Recovery.
Starter Bundle $749 For 4 sessions
(Initial intake + 3 working sessions)
New Patients Only!
The best approach if you want to commit to your care and healing in a consistent way and have a positive impact on your body or specific issue.
Designed specifically to help you heal emotionally, physically and mentally from your Cesarean.
Explore (Mix & Match) $749 For 4 sessions
Excellent for those looking to dive deeper into body transformation and healing. Feel free to mix and match our physical therapy services to your needs.
Basics (Mix & Match) $1399 For 8 sessions
This package is for you if you are ready to go the extra mile to feel good and embrace your healing process. You can mix and match our physical therapy services to your needs.
The best value for preserving your pelvic floor health. Elevate your training by implementing positive, lasting changes. You can mix and match our physical therapy services to your needs.

What our patients have to say

What to expect

Our personalized, 30-minute telehealth physical therapy-inspired sessions are always grounded on Our 3 Levels of Care, with a Certified Perinatal Fitness Instructor and Certified Doula helping new moms after the major surgery that is a C Section. They are designed for every body to enjoy from the comfort and convenience of home.




Meet the care experts at Ruth Health

Together, we are building an ecosystem of women’s healthcare that works with and within the existing healthcare system to partner with you. Our team ranges from doctors and doulas to lactation consultants, physical therapists and beyond.

Frequently asked questions

You can begin your C Section Recovery plan as early as the first 24 hours post-surgery (so long as there were no serious complications). Rebuilding core and pelvic floor integrity begins with a foundational strategy that can be implemented from the comfort of your bed.

We implement considerations that are specific to surgery recovery in addition to the structural considerations used in Pelvic Training & Recovery. From caring for your scar tissue to preventing adhesions to rehabbing your alignment when your muscles are not ready to do the work, the beginning stages of C Section Recovery are designed with the uniqueness of surgery + postpartum recoveries in mind.

Every patient’s birth experience is different, and there are many bio-individual factors to take into consideration. The average C Section recovery journey is 6-12 months, but some may take longer. Consistency with the beginning stages of the recovery process are the best way to ensure a successful recovery.

Definitely yes. Your provider will work with you on foundational tools to ensure you are safely and effectively moving through your workouts, regardless of type. Every method designed by Ruth Health is meant to be supplemental, providing you with better tools to live the way you want to.

Definitely! Similar to pelvic PT, it is never too late to start to unwind old patterns that aren’t benefiting you and begin to rebuild a healthy, strong foundation for lasting success.

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