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Empower Parents with Collaborative Care

Ruth Health partners with businesses to support working parents in their journey through pregnancy and beyond. By matching their needs to our know-how, we help you sustain a culture of thriving parents — for more sustainable careers.

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3x ROI

Reduce Losses

Employers using Ruth Health benefits can expect to significantly reduce losses while boosting employee retention and quality of life


Boost Retention

Companies with a lactation support program had a 94% retention rate— compared to the national average of 59%

95% Report improved quality of life

Improve Health Outcomes

95% of parents report participation in a Ruth Health program improves their quality of life

Join the organizations that trust us

We work with leading employers to reduce the Pregnancy Tax, paid by every birthing person (and their family) in time and money spent gestating, birthing, and recovering without sufficient support.

Elevate the expectation


moms (40%) report paying for at least some of their maternity care costs out of pocket.

Remove the financial stress of navigating care that can lead to untreated health issues, which can lead to missed work later on

Boost retention


of moms drop out of the workforce within one year of having a baby.

Create a support system by offering access to full-body, evidence-based maternal care

Personal wellness = productivity

Companies that offer unique parental benefits saw a reduction in burnout rates from 2020 to 2021. Foster an empathetic environment that energizes team members to take care of themselves through pregnancy and postpartum—and be the difference that drives retention.

Offer a comprehensive solution

3 out of 4 moms say that pain did interfere at least “a little bit” in their routine activities in the first two months postpartum. Provide an inclusive suite of maternal care services to address each individual’s unique journey—leading the way for a more equitable workforce.

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