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Lactation Support

Lactation Support

Virtual, 1:1 support from a lactation specialist to address common challenges like engorgement, clogged ducts, managing feeding schedules, and more.

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The benefits

Nearly 24/7 virtual lactation support from the comfort of your home to make the most of your breastfeeding journey.

Tailored recovery

When challenges arise, from clogged ducts to managing pumping, you are better prepared to handle them or even avoid them in the first place.

Better outcomes

Our lactation specialists are experienced professionals that can help you optimize each feeding.

Enjoyable experiences

To make the most of this incredible bonding phase with your bundle of joy, having the right support is key so that the enjoyment part prevails.

Access the care you need with flexible pricing options

We accept FSA/HSA dollars. See if your specialist visits fit within your plan’s guidelines.

Welcome Package $379 For 2 sessions
Personalized, 1:1 care including demonstrations and support, whether you choose to or are able to breastfeed or not.
Starter Bundle $749 For 4 sessions (Initial intake + 3 working sessions)
New Patients Only! The best approach if you want to commit to your care in a consistent way. You’ll receive personalized, 1:1 care including demonstrations and support. Feel free to mix and match our services to your needs.
New Patients Only! Discover your body’s bio-individual needs, movement and breathing patterns. Perfect for individuals curious about learning more about their pelvic floor!
Ruth Health gift certificates are valid towards all 1:1 virtual services including Pelvic Floor Training & Recovery, Lactation Support, and C Section Recovery.
Personalized, 1:1 care including demonstrations and support, whether you choose to or are able to breastfeed or not.
Explore (Mix & Match) $749 For 4 sessions
Excellent for those looking to dive deeper into body transformation and healing. Feel free to mix and match our physical therapy services to your needs.
Basics (Mix & Match) $1399 For 8 sessions
This package is for you if you are ready to go the extra mile to feel good and embrace your healing process. You can mix and match our physical therapy services to your needs.
The best value for preserving your pelvic floor health. Elevate your training by implementing positive, lasting changes. You can mix and match our physical therapy services to your needs.

What our patients have to say

What to expect

Our personalized, 30-minute telehealth lactation counseling sessions are always grounded on Our 3 Levels of Care and help expecting and new moms get educated, triage breastfeeding challenges and manage both milk supply and feeding from the comfort and convenience of their home.




Meet the care experts at Ruth Health

Together, we are building an ecosystem of women’s healthcare that works with and within the existing healthcare system to partner with you. Our team ranges from doctors and doulas to lactation consultants, physical therapists and beyond.

Frequently asked questions

Just yourself, your list of questions, and your baby!

Yes! You can have an educational session and ask our provider any questions you may haveto get you prepared for your feeding journey. Preparing to breastfeed before baby is born is one of the best things you can do to guarantee your success with breastfeeding. We can help you come up with your postpartum "game plan" to get feeding off to a good start, discuss ways to prepare your home for success breastfeeding and tips/tricks to realistically prepare you and your partner for the demands of breastfeeding.

In many cases, yes. Each baby has different oral anatomy, and each experience of breastfeeding can be different. We recommend at least one “refresher session” with our Virtual Lactation Support clinicians, even for baby number 2, 3, or 4+—and then as needed should issues arise.

If you'd like for the provider to observe a feeding, try to hold off until your session. However, if having a hungry, fussing baby will take away from your ability to maximize our time together, then consider feeding baby beforehand to decrease your own stress and increase your ability to enjoy our session.

No stress! We can make a lot of assessments and gather a lot of information just from you describing how feeding is going. In the world of lactation flexibility is key and we're quite used to babies not being on our schedule.

Absolutely! Weaning is an essential part of breastfeeding and knowing how to wean in the safest and healthiest way for you and baby is necessary to complete your feeding journey in a positive way.

Yes, we can assess the possibility of a tie based on the information you share with us and hopefully some good camera work (!) to take a look in baby's mouth. Tongue ties should never be assessed on looks alone and a proper assessment of a tongue tie will involve some detailed history taking to piece together all the pieces of the puzzle.

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