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Learn what your body needs before and after birth

  • Virtual pelvic floor and core coaching and breastfeeding support—from home or anywhere
  • Free 15-minute consultation on your pregnant or postpartum body


Your body. Our experience.

Kimberly McFerron

CES, FRC, PPES, Certified Doula

Kimberly is the Head of Birthwork at Ruth Health and has over a decade of experience as a certified doula and perinatal exercise specialist.

In addition to working directly with patients navigating c section recovery and pelvic floor dysfunction, she ensures that our services are rooted in research and tailored to the unique needs of each birthing person.

Raye Thomas

RN, Certified Doula, CBS

Raye has nearly a decade of experience in healthcare as a registered nurse, doula, and certified breastfeeding specialist.

At Ruth Health, her lactation and doula support has helped ensure that birthing people are never alone in navigating pregnancy and postpartum challenges.

Get your body ready for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

Your consult includes:

  • Personalized assessment of your movement and physical concerns, with a focus on pelvic floor, core function, and general discomfort
  • Clear next steps on how to address physical changes or challenges
  • 20% discount on future 1:1 sessions with Ruth Health Providers — includes Pre + Post Bodywork and Lactation Support

Get the support you deserve during pregnancy and postpartum

Your consult includes:

  • A dedicated Doula to explore your questions about pregnancy, birth, labor & delivery, or postpartum concerns
  • Expert Lactation support for infant feeding, breastfeeding challenges, weaning, returning to work, and more
  • Personalized guidance and clear next steps for making the most of your parenting journey

Ruth Health has been an absolutely life-changing resource. If you’re looking for someone to help you feel seen, heard, and reconnect you to your body, I can’t recommend Ruth Health highly enough.

Sasha P., Ruth Health Patient

Meet with a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Certified Doula about your physical wellness during pregnancy and postpartum.

I began working with Kimberly during my first trimester and it changed everything for the better.

With an impressive amount of empathy, Kimberly provided customized body work for me. I don’t know what I would do without her or Ruth Health.

Jeanne J., Ruth Health Patient