My postpartum pelvic floor recovery journey - Ruth Health

My postpartum pelvic floor recovery journey

You know how I feel about checking your TMI thoughts at the door, especially when I feel like sharing and discussing things like pelvic floor therapy aren’t brought up to postpartum Mamas the way they should be. So in the name of keeping it ~*rEaL*~ let’s talk about our lady bits.

After I gave birth to Jos, I was dealing with a lot. Highs and lows of all kinds. In one way, my heart had grown about 100 sizes and I was so in love with my new perfect, squishy baby. But boy was I going through the wringer physically. Tailbone pain, stitches from severe tearing, walking around feeling like a tampon was literally falling out of me (prolapse mamas - IYKYK).

I was desperate for help and answers. I couldn’t believe that after what felt like years of preparation for pregnancy and delivery, I was home with a new baby and had no idea how to help my body recover after the trauma it had just been through. Throw some witch hazel down there and chug a bottle of Tylenol, it’ll all fix itself, right?

For some women, maybe. And power to you sis if you’re one of them! But for so many of us, recovery is no (clap emoji) freaking (clap emoji) joke (clap emoji)! Even when the superficial pain of stitches and tearing went away, I was left with scar tissue, that lingering heaviness, pain during those *ahem* intimate moments, and more.

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Why is there such a disconnect between women taking care of their babies and women taking care of themselves after delivery?! Both are equally important! I talk to my friends and family as often as I can about how diving into research and knowledge about what we affectionately deemed “the 4th trimester.”

  • Perineum massages
  • Proper flange sizes
  • Incontinence (in more ways than one!)
  • Cracked & bleeding nips
  • Releasing scar tissue
  • Exercises to relieve pain from prolapse
  • When to strengthen and when to lengthen (Kegels are great but that ain’t ‘it’, ya’ll)

These are all things I didn’t know existed. And all things that are crucial to health & healing as a new mama.

I was floored (pun intended) by my experience after two virtual pelvic floor recovery sessions from Ruth Health with an awesome expert. Kimberly was able to give me some amazing advice, strengthening and lengthening exercises, and even walk me through a challenging pelvic floor “workout” all from the comfort of home while Josey took a nap. I had one-on-one care for 30 minutes (I could have sat with her for hours!) that didn’t break the bank and I left feeling hopeful about continuing my recovery journey.

Easy, at home, helpful – everything every woman deserves after literally growing a dang miracle.

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