Returning Patients - Ruth Health
Returning Single Sessions
Lactation Support $194 For 1 returning session
Personalized, 1:1 care including demonstrations and support, whether you choose to or are able to breastfeed or not.
Personalized, 30-minute telehealth session with a focus on pelvic floor and core work.
Returning Multi-Session Packages
Excellent for those looking to dive deeper into body transformation and healing. Feel free to mix and match our services to your needs.
Basics (Mix & Match) $1399 For 8 sessions
This package is for you if you are ready to go the extra mile to feel good and embrace your healing process. You can mix and match our physical therapy services to your needs.
The best value for preserving your pelvic floor and core health. Elevate your training by implementing positive, lasting changes. You can mix and match our services to your needs.